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TCCEF Executive Board 2021-2022

Position             Name                  

President:         Katy sabayrac

Programs:         Leigh-Anne Williams

Hospitality:      Susie Crafton & Mary Landry

Secretary:         Gwenda Beavers

Treasurer:         Connie Fowler

Membership:    Vicki Harris

Scholarships:    Connie Fowler & Mary Gossett

Caring Coordinator:   Glynden Bode

Technology:       Steven Fisher

Past President:  Ellen Edwards


Ex-Officio Officers

Historian: Rev. Gary Leinhart

Study/Retreat: On Hold

5 Stars of Excellence: On Hold     

Annual Conference Meeting Coordinator: April Venden

Leadership Development: Elizabeth Bucher & Susie Morales

Social Gathering Coordinator: Maryls Barry

FFR &SF rep: Rhonda Taylor


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